Thursday, December 22nd, 2022

DNF Duel Season Pass, Nintendo Switch Release Date, Grand Balance Patch Notes (Ver. 1.09)


Nexon and Arc System Works announced DNF Duel will be getting its first Season Pass which will add 5 new characters to the game in 2023 beginning with the recently revealed "Spectre" class. Additionally, the release date for the Nintendo Switch port was confirmed for April 20th, 2023. Both of these DNF Duel announcements were made during this week's Arc Live event, but unfortunately, no new gameplay or media concerning the upcoming Season Pass DLC was released. Instead, the English DNF Duel Twitter profile reposted the previous Spectre teaser trailer from earlier this month now showing 4 random character silhouettes behind Spectre to represent the upcoming 2023 Season Pass DLC fighters.


Finally... Nexon posted the full patch notes for DNF Duel's "Grand Balance Patch" (Ver. 1.09) on their official site. The patch notes outline changes made to universal system mechanics along with individual character tweaks for the current roster. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for more DNF Duel news and updates.
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 Sources:  Nexon (Official Site)@DNFDuel_EN                    

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