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As a professional makeup artist, Sheva moved to the United States in an endless pursuit of beauty and success. Sheva loves collecting perfumes and has the skill to use them as weapons. Its personality is unique, and he has... Special tastes. When Sheva heard about the Xuan Dou Tournament, he couldn’t hide his excitement about fighting strong men, and then signed to the tournament, knowing it could win using its beauty.


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang




Page Updated:  Sept. 20th, 2013

Ohh man..... here we go. What do you get when you cross Benimaru Nikaido with Poison? (Did you ever really want to know the answer to that question?) >_> Well, guess what... you're here now so you might as well learn about this character. lol. Not trying to hate on trannies, but some things are just kinda awkward.  

Sooo... Sheva is one of the few XDZW characters who speak English. His opening line is literally "I'm so cuuute, and really a boy." ..... *cringe* -____- Sheve out here trying to win the award for "most awkward fighting game character of all time". Additionally, Sheva's moveset is also a huuuuge, blatant rip-off of Benimaru's! Sheva pretty much has his own "versions" of most of Benimaru's iconic attacks, making him one of the biggest "rip-off" characters in the game. 

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