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Raven is one of three servants of Asuka R. Kreuz, and his right-hand man. Raven debuted in the novel, Guilty Gear X: Lighting The Argent. Raven's first in-game appearances are in the Guilty Gear X and Guilty Gear XX story mode, and he also appeared in Guilty Gear 2: Overture. Raven made his first playable appearance in Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-.

Raven is an immortal from birth, Raven's body will completely regenerate even if it's reduced to ash. He ceased aging at the moment of his first "death," and has lived for over a thousand years. Raven is an immortal who was born in medieval Germany, over a thousand years before the events of Guilty Gear. As a young man he was recruited into an army and became an accomplished knight, waging war in foreign lands. During one campaign he and his allies were cut off from their supply lines and were ultimately ambushed in a night raid. After attempting to flee on horseback he was struck down by a hail of arrows and was then brutally stabbed to death by his enemies.

However, rather than dying, he found himself in a strange "cylindrical space" filled with window-like mirrors. There, he had the sensation of being caged with predatory birds, and felt their stares boring into him, eventually transforming into excruciating pain that pierced every inch of his body until he experienced the maximum amount of pain a human can experience. He awoke in a pool of his own blood to find that all his wounds had healed, wondering if he had been rejected by Valhalla; this was his first "death," and the first manifestation of his immortality. After this point he ceased aging and spent the next thousand years wandering the world, gradually becoming apathetic and tired of living, even attempting to end his own life by driving a specially-designed instrument with spikes on either end through his brain stem. Eventually he met That Man, who gave his life purpose, as a "witness to history."

In Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR, Raven is sent by That Man to help Sol and Sin rescue Elphelt by recovering Jack-O', so that she can take her place as the vessel for Justice. When confronted by Sin about That Man's goals, Raven explains that he, I-No, and That Man have grown apathetic due to their unnaturally long lifespans, and wish to prevent mankind from suffering a similar fate by correcting a past mistake. After Sin defeats Jack-O', Raven offers them his gratitude and teleports himself and Jack-O' away. Raven and Jack-O' were watching how the events were developing while waiting for Asuka to return. When the Gear Maker is finally back he send Raven to Sin and Ramlethal's location while he went with Jack-O' to Illyria Castle.

In the final battle when Sol-Badguy was trying hard to stabilize Justice and was at Ariels mercy, Raven showed up alongside Ramlethal who could stabilize Justice so Sol can fight against her. Ramlethal had her left arm and leg bandaged meaning that Raven not only saved her from death but he also healed her.


Guilty Gear X 
(Story mode)



Guilty Gear XX (Story), Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2



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