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Josie Rizal


Josie Rizal hails from the Philippines and uses Eskrima & Kickboxing as her fighting styles (reminiscent of a fighting style called Yaw Yan). Several aspects of her outfit take inspiration from the National Flag of The Phillipines.

Josie Rizal tried her best to support her family by balancing two jobs; one as a model, and one as a professional kickboxer. One day, while she was out running on her usual training course along the mountain roads, she was suddenly confronted by an enormous, hairy creature (Kuma)! Josie screamed, and then fled half in tears, but the creature remained hot on her heels. Realizing she had little chance of escape, Josie abruptly came to a halt, then turned trembling, to face her feral foe...
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Tekken 7

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Tekken 7: Fated Retribution


Page Updated:  July 18th, 2022

Josie is a fairly simple, yet aesthetically decent design. Cleverly, her default outfit is themed around the Philippines flag... in a similar way to Tiffany's from Rival Schools ( based on the U.S.A flag). With Josie seemingly taking the place of Bruce in TEKKEN 7, she understandably debuted with some negative "heat," you might say. Once you give Josie a chance, she's got some unique, fluid fighting techniques and definitely hits hard. I think Josie's default stance could be animated a bit better, but she's got some cool elements to her moveset.

Her "unconfident" personality is catchy and pretty unique to fighting games, although her personality should be developed further and fleshed out if she plans on sticking around in sequels. Also worth mentioning, her biker-chick alternate costume is pretty sleek! 

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