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Tiffany Lords
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Tiffany Lords is a wealthy American exchange student who goes to Pacific High. In the first Rival Schools storyline, she joins Roy in his investigation of the school kidnappings, mainly due to her crush on him. She and a few of her classmates are captured and brainwashed by Justice High, but they were eventually saved by Taiyo High students. Her ending shows her returning to America with Roy and setting out to train as a bodyguard after Roy begins his studies in politics.

In Project Justice, Tiffany returns to Japan with Roy to investigate the new crisis in the country. along with Roy, Tiffany saves Hinata from being captured. In her ending, she also returns to the United States to help Roy achieve his goals.
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Rival Schools


Project Justice, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Mar. 28th, 2020

A fighting game based on high school stereotypes just wouldn't be complete without the hot, blonde cheerleader.... With boxing gloves! ^o^ Tiffany is a hilarious and equally clever design. Visually, she's an original fighting game character on all levels, and one of the few Rival Schools characters to have more than one costume (her original Rival Schools outfit being much more revealing). Her debut outfit was a bit loud, so I actually prefer her Project Justice attire - which was a solid evolution of her design. Tiffany's fighting style is entertaining and pretty humorous as well.

So, to address the elephant in the room... Are those boobs real? I mean, she's supposed to be in high school and all... errr, wait a minute.... *sigh* She's just a video game character. *deep breath* lol. Bah, Kyoko's more my type anyway. <3 

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