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Alice Garnet Nakata
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Alice first appeared in SNK's Pachinko title, Garou Densetsu: The Legend of Wild Wolf. Her origin is unknown, although some fans speculate that she is based on a minor SNK character named, Alice Chrysler, who was one of Kim Kaphwan's students and developed a strong admiration for Terry Bogard.

In SNK's Pachinko games, Alice follows Terry Bogard around cheering for him and his friends. In Days of Memories, Alice is a nurse in training attending to the protagonist. She is born of half-Japanese and American descent, her full name being Alice Garnet Nakata. Before she decided to pursue her profession, she lived her summers and winters in America and her springs and falls in Japan. Her sunny attitude and cheerful energy keeps everyone in high spirits. She isn't the best at her job, often unintentionally harming her patients during her treatments, and she is secretly afraid that she'll be fired for incompetence. Due to a conspiracy created by Magaki, she'll experience the same dreams as the protagonist.

Fun Fact: Back in 1994-1995, the developers had plans for Alice Chrysler to replace Mai Shiranui in Fatal Fury 3, but this idea was later scrapped. Nonetheless, Alice Chrysler makes cameos in various KOF backgrounds and is mentioned in Chae Lim's backstory.
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The King of Fighters XIV

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Page Updated:  Jan. 29th, 2020

I became familiar with this Alice chick back when those Fatal Fury Premium CG Pachinko trailers were floating around. ^o^ I wasn't sure who she was (since I don't get to play Japanese SNK Pachinko machines), but I'm glad Alice finally made her fighting game debut. Alice is RULE 63 defined! ^__^ She's "female Terry Bogard" of sorts... following in the footsteps of characters like Yuri Sakazaki and Sakura Kasugano.

Alice is a quirky design,...with a quirky personality and equally quirky moves. On that note, you'll look pretty ridiculous if you end up losing to her... as most of her attacks just seem like she's messing around and having fun. In a way, I like her comedic approach to fighting, but it also takes some of the seriousness away from the fight... which I don't like. She's comically sexualized in a way (mainly her outfit), but her attire is pretty original and not overly slutty. Overall, she's not a bad addition to the KOF XIV roster, but definitely not as exciting as other KOF characters.

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