Zero is one of the bosses of Battle Arena Toshinden 4. He is a synthetic human, who revels in destruction, created by the Gerard Foundation, a criminal organization. He obtained a wound during an accident in an experiment that seemed to create an opening to a mysterious power within him. However, he was eventually sealed away by the Gerard Foundation, who considered his powers a threat. After a long time, however, thanks to the new leader Eiji Shinjo's influence, Zero managed to free himself. Joining Eiji's team as an executive of the Foundation along with Eos, he enters the fourth Toshinden tournament to find the Four Sacred Arms.
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Battle Arena Toshinden 4




Page Updated:  Sept. 14th, 2013

Zero is pretty interesting visually.... He sort of looks like he could be a Mexican, Japanese-inspired wrestler? lol. He reminds me of one I've seen, anyway. Zero is sort of a successor to some of the former broadsword users of Toshinden. His one-handed sword style is a bit awkward-looking though. Zero also has a weird supermove where he summons a giant WTF creature.

Like many other Toshinden characters, the visual design of Zero is cool... especially the artwork. But in-game, he didn't live up to the artwork, sadly.

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