Eos is one of the bosses of Battle Arena Toshinden 4. She is a biotechnologically altered human of the Gerard Foundation, a criminal organization. Eventually, she was sealed off by the Gerard Foundation, who considered her powers a threat. Years later, however, she was found by Eiji Shinjo, who had become the new leader of the organization. She managed to break free and she joined Eiji in the fourth Toshinden tournament in his search for the Four Sacred Arms.
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Battle Arena Toshinden 4

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Page Updated:  Sept. 15th, 2013

At first glance, Eos seems like a fairly cool design for an "angelic" chick. However, I don't see how she really fits into the Toshinden series. She's got a pretty basic fighting style using a staff... nothing that exciting. She can summon dragons in some of her special attacks (although the graphics are so bad, I'm not quite sure if those really are dragons). Needless to say, she definitely doesn't look as cool in the actual game.

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