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Hinata Wataba




Hinata is a light-hearted, cheery, smart girl who excels in a variety of sports and loves to sing and dance. She's also incredibly proficient at hand-to-hand fighting and some say she's comparable to those who compete at the national level. Hinata is also very curious and can hardly keep still when something catches her interest. She can be a bit of a smart-aleck at times due to her winning spirit, but otherwise, she's a fairly typical schoolgirl. She is close friends with Sakura and Natsu Ayuhara, and they were all friends since childhood.

Before Batsu transferred to Taiyo High, the school was oppressed. Hinata wanted her schoolmates to fight alongside her, but nobody had the courage to do so... until Batsu arrived, who was on a mission to find his missing mother. Batsu didn't want Hinata to join him at first, but she finally convinced him that she could help him. Her efforts eventually lead to Batsu finding his mother. Additionally, news of her cooperation with Batsu inspired many students to take up martial arts, which pleasantly surprised her.

In Project Justice, Hinata again joins Batsu and Kyosuke Kagami in investigating the new threat to the schools. Her fate in the Taiyo High story is one of two outcomes. In one story, Hinata is kidnapped by Kurow and was later saved by Pacific High School students. In the other, she leads Taiyo's investigation in Batsu's absence and is later saved by him when attacked by Kurow.
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Rival Schools

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Project Justice, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Capcom VS SNK 2 (support character)

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Page Updated:  Jan. 26th, 2021

I'm sure a lot of people confuse her with Sakura. It's kind of odd how Capcom created Hinata to look to similarly to Sakura, and even included them in the same game. lol. They even have some similar moves, but Hinata has quite a few unique mannerisms and moves... ohh, and her voice is way more annoying than Sakura's. lol.

Overall, I'd consider Hinata to be a good "support" character in the Rival Schools series, but as a "stand alone" design, there's not that much to her. She has some entertaining mannerisms and taunts, I'll give her that. Her hairstyle is also unique, but perhaps they should've given her a different hair color to differentiate her from Sakura. *shrugs* 

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