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Mordos Kull
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Legendary mercenary. After his family and then his foster family were killed before him, Kull has spent his orphaned youth thinking of nothing but revenge against the Seven.
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Mace: The Dark Age




Page Updated:  March 10th, 2014

Moaarhdusss Kullllll.... The dude's got a cool-sounding name, gotta hive him that. He's a pretty generic, typical looking medieval warrior... but considering the game's setting, Mace: The Dark Age needed a character like this. In a way, he's almost the Ryu of the game. Someone on the roster's gotta be "vanilla"... lol.

No doubt fighting with a ball & chain is completely original in the fighting game universe, so he earns a few originality points there. Besides that, he wasn't a particularly exciting character from Mace, but he did his part in balancing out the roster.

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