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Miyabi is a descendant of a ninja clan and unbeknown to her, was being spied on by Genma. Eventually, she was kidnapped by him and he cast a spell on her, which placed her until his control and erased her memories. She eventually encountered and defeated a young man known as Rook Castle in a street fight. When Genma learned of the upcoming fourth Toshinden tournament, Miyabi entered it with him, hoping to meet Rook again.
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Battle Arena Toshinden 4





Page Updated:  Sept. 14th, 2013

Besides the awfully bright pink hair, she's not a bad ninja girl design. (Although, I suppose if she didn't have colorful hair, she might look a bit too much like Taki?) Hmph. The huge shuriken she carries is also a bit of a rip-off of Yuffie's weapon... (and Yuffie did come first, no excuses!) but her outfit design is pretty cool I think. In gameplay, she's got some cool moves also. However, one of her special moves looks exactly like Taki's (the one where she pounds the ground)... kinda ironic. 

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