Yuffie Kisaragi
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In Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie debuts as a self-proclaimed "Materia Hunter" who joins Cloud's party (originally hoping to steal their Materia). Through theft, her true intention is to restore her country, Wutai, to its former glory before it was conquered by Shinra. Despite her obnoxious personality, Yuffie is friendly, helpful, optimistic and willingly helps the party in their battles. Although a skillful ninja, Yuffie is prone to sea and air sickness and shows signs of kleptomania.

In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, a 9-year-old Yuffie meets Zack in Fort Tamblin during a Shinra invasion, where she proclaims herself as "Wutai's Greatest Warrior". Zack plays along with her antics and she runs off. After losing the war to Shinra, Yuffie's father and the leader of Wutai, Godo Kisaragi, turns their hometown into a tourist attraction. Yuffie was not happy about this, and since that time, wanted to restore Wutai to its former glory.

Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring

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Page Updated:  June 12th, 2019

She is undeniably a cool character in Final Fantasy VII... not only because she was an optional secret character that you could acquire, but she also presented a hilarious personality which added to the story. When she started appearing in other games like Kingdom Hearts, Ehrgeiz, Dirge of Cereberus, and Crisis Core, her design developed a bit further, though I still think her original FFVII appearance was the best by far. Thankfully her fighting game debut was pretty good solid, but also leaves a bit to be desired. Still, it was simply awesome to see her appear in Ehrgeiz.

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