Rinka Yoshino
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Rinka is the proud daughter of the recognized Yoshino family, a honorable line of warriors that have been deemed as being the best lineage of samurais in all Japan. As one of the wealthiest families of Japan, the Yoshino clan never expected that, one day, their bloodline would fall in disgrace, due to a inner conspiracy, executed by several samurais who were jealous of the Yoshino's wealth. This plot not only ruined the Yoshino family economically, but it also provoked the desertion of the Yoshino family members to Riten Kyo, a prison island. It was just a matter of time before the Yoshino family became slowly dismembered in the middle of the cursed island. 

However, Rinka refused to accept the sad destiny of the Yoshino family. Taking her father's sword, she now sets off to join the "Atom Rebels", an anti-Bafuku group, along with Jushiro Sakaki and Saya, and plan not only the freedom of Riten Kyo, but also reestablish honor to the Yoshino lienage. Rinka does not trust too much in people, but she is very caring with animals, especially her pet hamster, Tetsunosuke. All of her attacks are named after various flowers.

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Page Updated:  Mar. 8th, 2014

Rinka is probably one of my favorite character designs from Warrior's Rage. She's not too extravagant as a design, yet her traditional attire fits the series well and she's an aesthetically pleasing design. Even though she's a bit under-developed as a character when compared to veterans from the series, Rinka is exactly the type of design that I think "fits" in Samurai Shodown. I only wish she appeared in the earlier 2D games... she would've looked great in 2D.

Also, her blue hamster friend is pretty cool too... he adds a nice touch to the design. I also really like how her hamster (Tetsunosuke) was given his VERY OWN character portrait in SS: WR. I mean, he's an important character! ^o^ SNK is awesome.

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