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Ryoko is a Judo prodigy who is proud of her family's history. One day, her father went missing, forcing her to carry on his wishes. She enters the Great Grapple tournament to prove to the world the strength of Judo. By the end of the second tournament, her father finally returns home. Her father congratulates her but states that she'll never surpass him. He then throws her and tells her that her real journey has just begun. Like Ryoko from World Heroes, she is based on the real life Judo world champion, Ryoko Tani. Her story also takes inspiration from the manga, Yawara!.
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Page Updated:  Sept. 6th, 2019

She's the other Ryoko... not the cute Ryoko from World Heroes... the other one. 90's fighting games get confusing sometimes. Anyhow, Ryoko from Fighters History is a lackluster design in my book. Why is she so hunched in her stance? Hunchback Ryoko. That's what I'll call her from now on. Ryookaay? R Y Okay? Buster Wolf. I'm bored. Cya.

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