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Momoko is upbeat, care-free, and curious to explore new or interesting things with a passion. Acting young for her age, she easily gets offended when people confuse her for an elementary school student. She eats a lot and is always a little sad when she's refused food. Although new to the fighting circle, she tries her best to impress Athena.

Athena personally asked Momoko to enter though Kensou had his doubts about entering a girl who "looks like a grade schooler". His complaints were quickly silenced by a "personal talk" (beating) from Athena and she was accepted into the team. Momoko's entry to the King of Fighters tournament -in Athena's words- sparked the rebirth of the Psycho Soldier team.

The King of Fighters XI

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Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  May 10th, 2019

Surprisingly, the KOF series lacked a Capoeira fighter for most of it's lifespan, so Momoko was a welcomed addition in KOF XI. She's a bit younger than I would have hoped for in a female Capoeira fighter; but nonetheless, she's obviously meant to be a "cute" character and she's a good one at that. Her outfit is somewhat simple, but it's actually traditional Capoeira attire.

Momoko's fighting style is actually one of the best in the KOF series if you ask me. She has some awesome kicks with spectacular animation... and some of her mannerisms and taunts are simply hilarious! It's a damn shame she didn't come out earlier in the KOF series, and it's pretty much a sin that she hasn't appeared in any games besides KOF XI... but I don't think we've seen the last of Momoko. I was disappointed she didn't make the cut to KOF XII-XIII, because her sprite in those games would've been epic.

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