Michael Max


Michael Max is an African-American boxer who appears in the original Fatal Fury as one of the first four CPU-controlled opponents whom the player faces. Prior to the events of the game, Michael was a young boxing prodigy who was once considered a strong contender for the title of Worldwide Heavyweight Champion. However, he left the boxing circuit to seek real combat and participate in the King of Fighters tournament, feeling that professional boxing was a mere sport protected by rules. 

His only other appearances in the series includes in the cut-scenes of Fatal Fury 2, where he is one of the fighters defeated by Wolfgang Krauser. In Axel Hawk's ending in Fatal Fury Special, he is depicted as Axel's trainer


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Page Updated:  Feb. 27th, 2023

Every intelligent arcade-goer in the early 90's knew that Michael Max was a blatant Balrog knock-off. I guess the original SNK design team figured their 2D arcade fighting game needed a Mike Tyson look-alike as well? lol... those good old 90's.

This design didn't go very far, for obvious reasons... SNK was smart not to bring him back. Michael Max didn't offer anything original or innovative to the fighting game world. At best, you could say he was an intimidating opponent in the original Fatal Fury, so he gets a couple points for that at least.

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