Axel Hawk


Axel Hawk is a retired heavyweight boxing champion seeking to make his comeback. He retired from the ring to stay in good health but was scouted by Krauser. Convinced of Krauser's skill, he agreed to be one of his three defenders. However, Axel grew worried for his mother's well being while working for the crimelord and quit crime after Krauser's defeat. He became Michael Max's teacher soon after.


Fatal Fury 2

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Fatal Fury Special



Page Updated:  Jan. 10th, 2020

Well, if I've ever seen a generic boxer design that went nowhere fast.... meh. Although Axel Hawk slightly resembles the well-known Heavyweight boxer Butterbean, I think Butterbean himself is a much better design. ^o^ Butterbean actually has personality!

Axel Hawk just seems like a "filler" character who was thrown into Fatal Fury 2 just for the sake of having a boxer in the game. It's apparent that SNK gave up on this design a long time ago, and that was probably a very good idea... because seriously, can it get more generic than this guy? Axel's stance is also laughably lame... that's a nice dance there, buddy. :/ PUT YOUR HANDS UP AT LEAST. Balrog would destroy this dude in the first 20 seconds of Round 1. 

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