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Malin is a shortform for Magdalena which means "woman from Magdala." Malin (not her true name) is an enigmatic girl from an unknown organization that specializes in gathering intelligence. Since Athena and Hinako refuse to team with someone they hardly met, she expertly steals the ribbons from their hair and leaves a calling card around Hinako's ribbon. She apparently orchestrates the Anti-Kyokugenryu Team in The King of Fighters XI due to her animosity towards one of the style's practitioners, Yuri Sakazaki, who called Malin's fighting style "cowardly". Thanks to her expertise in espionage, she usually leads the effort to spy on the Kyokugenryu Karate practitioners. In their team's ending in XI, Malin has arranged for a fight against the Kyokugen practitioners, only to be knocked out by an enraged King later on.

She, or at least someone with her name, has been previously mentioned in the series as a member of Athena's fan club. She was on good terms with the White Tiger. Supposedly, members of her organization also assault Mai, King, and Mary in 2003 for an unexplained reason. Malin covered the bill for their replacement hot dogs since their last ones were ruined during the attack. Malin uses a range of weapons, most of them illegal.

The King of Fighters 2003



The King of Fighters XI, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  July 17th, 2019

Malin is a small package (literally, her 2D sprite is tiny) who comes with a cute appearance & personality. I kinda like her outfit, but her default color scheme is a bit bland in my opinion.... I suppose that's what alternate colors are for. ;) Fighting with a yo-yo has been done before in the fighting game realm, but Malin's unique style stands out as fairly original (although it makes little sense sometimes).

It's also pretty entertaining that she can pull out a giant hammer from out of nowhere (reminds me of Ramona from Scott Pilgrim) to pound her opponent over the head. So much for "realism"... but KOF never went for that. Overall, Malin is a fun character to use and adds some spark to a typical KOF team.

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