Duck King

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A South Town native, Duck King grew up in an impoverished family in the city's ghetto. It was in this poor district where he would take interest in fighting and even a greater interest in music and, even more so, dance. He spent a great deal of time with breakdancing so much so that it became a part of his life. His antics on the dance floor worked its way into a fighting style of Duck King's own design. 

Using his fighting style to confuse other fighters, Duck King started to create a reputation with the fighters in South Town. When news of Geese Howard's King of Fighters tournament broke, Duck King was quick to enter the tournament, but suffered a loss to Terry Bogard.

After his loss, Duck King went back to the ghetto to develop his fighting style to flow with the rhythm of battle. Around this time he met up with the bouncer, King and the two pulled together enough money to start a massive bar in South Town called "Illusions." Here King's KOF tournament matches were hosted with Duck King acting as the DJ for the bar. During the events of Fatal Fury 3 and Real Bout Fatal Fury, Duck was invited to Richard Meyer's new night club, the Pao Pao Café 2.

 The grand opening was spoiled by the Jin twins Chonrei and Chonshu who wrecked the cafe. They sought the Jin Scrolls which were stolen from them. These scrolls eventually end up in the hands of Geese Howard, who was once thought dead. As the Bogard brothers, Joe Higashi, and other allies banded together to stop Geese, Duck King unexpectedly joins the fight. When Geese dies in battle with Terry, Duck King parties at the rebuilt Pao Pao Cafe 2 taking a much needed rest from fighting.
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Fatal Fury

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Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal fury 2, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout Special: Dominated Mind, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, The King of Fighters 2000 (Striker), The King of Fighters XI

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Page Updated:  Sep. 14th, 2023

Who the hell even calls themselves Duck King? 0_o I can understand Tiger King... but Duck King? That takes confidence, and this guy seems to have it. "Duck King? More like Suck King."  ~Terry Bogard. (Shut up for a second, Terry.) In fairness to old Duck, he's got some ridiculous dance moves and weird animations. He was a rather awkward character in the early days... but over the years, Duck King developed a considerably colorful personality and interesting moveset. He evolved surprisingly well in the later Fatal Fury games (not counting Wild Ambition) and KOF.

To address the tiny baby duck in the room... the chibi duck chick is a recognizable (albeit random) part of his design. ^_^ You gotta love how Duck King and the baby duck have matching matching blue mohawks... it might be my favorite part about this character. While Duck King is usually wearing loud colors and is mostly obnoxious in most of his actual in-game appearances, I think his more grown up "dress suit" version is actually pretty cool. SNK should develop that version of him more.

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