Jin Chonrei


Jin Chonrei is the older twin brother of Chonshu. When the brothers were 6 years old, they lost their parents to an epidemic. Just before their father passed away, he spoke of a man named Qin Wang Long, one of their family's ancient ancestors. Qin Wang Long was a celebrated general of the great Qin Shi Huang, who single-handedly killed 1,000 men on his own.

Their father convinced the twins that they shared the blood of Qin Wang Long. As they grew older, they began to detest other people, and soon, two spirits of their 200 year old ancestors possessed both of their bodies. The spirit that possessed Chonrei is known as Qin Kong Long, making him into a fearsome monster in combat. The spirit that possessed Chonshu was Qin Hai Long, who was also Kong's younger brother.

During the Qin Dynasty, they created the "Qin Book of Secrets" (known in modern times as the "Jin scrolls"). Within these scrolls lie Wang Long's soul, who is actually Kong's son. Knowing that they cannot exist in this realm without these scrolls, the spirits look for them to resurrect Wang Long and their original bodies into the realm of the living. They then wanted to continue their conquests in society.

It is said that these scrolls will determine who is strongest fighter in the world, and the twins know the scrolls are located somewhere in South Town. After the climax of Fatal Fury 3, Geese Howard successfully collected all three scrolls. Both brothers continue their search for them. When they find the scrolls, Chonrei disobeys his ancestors and tears them up. His ancestors leave their bodies and the twins continue their lives as normal children under Tung Fu Rue's wing.
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Fatal Fury 3

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Real Bout Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury Real Bout Special, Real Bout Special: Dominated Mind, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum


Page Updated:  Sep. 14th, 2023

To be honest, I never liked the Jin brothers of Fatal Fury. Neither of them really matched the aesthetic or vibe of the series, if you ask me. I just don't see what there is to like about these designs. Chonrei has short & stubby legs, uninspiring moves, he walks like a dumbass, and his outfit is pretty lame. Chonrei is basically a weaker, hobbit version of Vegeta... or Kazuya. lol. Chonrei's newer appearance in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum was more interesting, but it's not difficult to understand why SNK didn't include the Jin brothers in more games.

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