A former heavyweight champion, Burnov is 495-pound pro-wrestler from Detroit, known as "The Human Bomb". After learning of Koga Shuko's organization, Burnov quit wrestling and became one of Shuko's right-hand men. He has a rivalry with Abobo. Burnov was the first stage boss in Double Dragon II: The Revenge.

Double Dragon





Page Updated: July 9th, 2013

I'd say Burnov is of the most memorable designs from the game due to his obscure appearance and blatant roundness. He's just so visually loud.... and fat... that he just makes you notice him. He's also got a pretty aggressive fighting style and some unique moves. Not bad. 

On a side note, he reminds me a little bit of legendary pro-wrestler, Big Van Vader (whom I'm a fan of). (And for the record, that reason ISN'T why I've given a good rating to Burnov). ;)

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