Cheng Sinzan


Cheng is a wealthy businessman who is friends with millionaires and common people alike. He is a former student of Master Tung Fu Rue and was taught alongside Jeff Bogard and Geese Howard. Back in the day, the three of them were known as the "Three Brothers of Godly Battle". However, since Cheng participated in rigged bets and prohibited street fights, Tung expelled him from the Hakkyokuseiken school. Cheng comments that Tung was very frightening at that time. It's possible that Cheng's appearance is loosely based on real life movie star and martial artist, Sammo Hung Kam-bo.

eng's intentions are not really evil, but his incredible amount of greed and hunger for money blinds him from more important matters.
Ever since he can remember, Cheng has always fought his way to become a man with a higher social status. "The man who had money was the man who would be respected," and with that basis in mind, Cheng began to slither his way up the social ladder (via many dirty management tricks and betrayal). However, he also knew that this sort of actions would gain him many enemies who would try to finish him off at the slightest chance.

Being a man of wide dimensions, many people doubted Cheng in actually becoming a prominent martial artist. However, Cheng mastered his own unique style of Tai Chi Ken (based on Tai Chi Chuan), which allows him to channel his inner energy and launch chi blasts. Cheng also uses his own weight to his advantage, and is capable of lunging himself like a ball with great agility.

During the timeline of Fatal Fury 2, Cheng heard the news that the renowned German nobleman, Wolfgang Krauser, has organized a new worldwide tournament using the name of a small local competition called "King of Fighters", and that he was seeking only the best. In addition to proving himself to be a distinguished fighter, Cheng realized he could win a lot of money, or possibly even raid Krauser's massive heritage fortune as well. Unfortunately for his reputation, Cheng didn't make it very far in the tournament, but he managed to sponsor many of his fights via his dirty money. The later broadcast of his fights earned the fat businessman a decent amount of earnings. Although he didn't gain enough money as he would have wished, something is better than nothing, so Cheng sits back and relaxes, knowing he has gained enough little effort.
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Fatal Fury 2

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Page Updated:  Sep. 14th, 2023

When I first saw Cheng in Fatal Fury 2, I chuckled... and moved on. I didn't care much for the design and he didn't leave a lasting impression. However, Cheng's design was fleshed out quite a bit in the Real Bout series, with a colorful new sprite and brand new over-the-top animations.

Even though you could say he was inspired the Chinese martial artist / movie star Sammo Hung, Cheng was still always a sleeper design for me. His martial arts and basic animations could be a lot better, for one. In retrospect, Cheng deserves some credit. His ridiculously silly mannerisms and attacks... as quirky and awkward as they are... are solid comic relief in the series. He added personality to the Real Bout series especially. Also, Cheng was a troll character before the term "troll character" was ever used.

Besides a few memorable background cameos, Cheng never made it over to any other franchises, but I could see SNK revamping him and bringing him back in a future title. However... Capcom and Bandai Namco killed it with the "fat fighter" archetype with Rufus or Bob. Those fat guys move way better than ol' Cheng ever could.

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