Berserker first appeared as an enemy character in Weapon Master mode and is a selectable bonus character in SoulCalibur II, unlockable only in the North American and European console ports. In his playable appearance in SoulCalibur II, Berserker shares Rock's moveset and mannerisms but has his own battle cries and grunts. Like Assassin, Berserker has a total of six selectable costumes in SoulCalibur II. In SoulCalibur III, Berserker appears as a different character from his SoulCalibur II version. In SC3, he is an enemy character only and wields a lance instead of a great axe.

The Berserkers were a clan of elite knights from the Holy Roman Empire who Johan Dürer joined and commanded. It was the day that the Evil Seed rose and cursed the knights into monster beings, along with Johan Dürer and the castle lord. The strongest ones are still alive and spotted at an Eastern forest in Europe. Most of them now reside in labyrinths with secret motivations. 


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Page Updated:  Sept. 26th, 2022

Berserker was a pretty random "bonus" character in the home versions of Soul Calibur 2, thrown into the game without any real story or explanation... not the kind of design that had high ambitions from the beginning. As far as looks go, he's pretty cool for a "fat knight" and has arguably interesting armor designs. Like Assassin, he has a total of SIX costumes - which is more than some main characters in other 2003 fighting games have, so give the man some credit! ^o^ I enjoyed using him in SC2 for his six alt. costumes and crazy battle cries (plus I used Rock and Astaroth anyway, so might as well).

His bizarre battle cries are probably the most memorable and interesting aspect of his design, since he just copied Rock's fighting style (and even uses a few of Astaroth's moves if I remember correctly?). Berserker actually reminds me a but of "Buzuzo" from the first season of the popular anime/manga, Berserk.

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