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A generic assassin unlockable only in North American and European console ports of SoulCalibur II. He is only selectable in Practice mode, Team Battle, and Versus (along with the extra variants of these modes). Like Berserker, Assassin has a total of six selectable costumes in SoulCalibur II. He uses an updated version of Hwang Sung Syung's fighting style, wielding the Chinese Blade called "Assassin Blade".

Not much is known about the mysterious Assassin from SoulCalibur II. His design is meant to represent a group of assassins of unknown origin. In SoulCalibur III's storyline, the Assassin in the Shrine of Kunpaetku suggest that the Assassins are agents of Fygul Cestemus in search of Soul Edge's fragments. 


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Page Updated:  Sept. 26th, 2022

Assassin seemed like a random "bonus" character appearing in the home version of Soul Calibur 2. There were so many other exciting and brilliant character designs in SC2, that it would be easy to forget Assassin even exists. Like I said, "bonus" character. One thing I like about this character? He had SIX selectable costumes, which was a lot for the time. At least he gets to say that he was WAY more costumes than normal main characters in other 2003 fighting games. Give the dude credit where credit is due... for his good fashion sense, especially.

Although "Mr. Assassin" (better name) is a bit bland, his overall appearance is definitely complimented by Hwang's (updated for SoulCalibur 2) fighting style and animations. Why not just keep Hwang in the game? Namco must've had their reasons (plus it made Hwang's comeback in future games even better).

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