TFG's ever-evolving Showroom hosts a vast collection of fighting game memorabilia that fighting game fans of any level can appreciate. Enjoy the show!

(Updated:  July 11th, 2017)






TFG Webmaster here... Allow me to welcome you to The Fighters Generation Showroom. From one fighting game fan to another, I'm pleased to be able to share with you a collection that I started over 2 decades ago. I assume many fighting game players don't even know of some of the awesome fighting game merchandise that exists, so let me guide you through some of the coolest items I've picked up over the years. Let's start with some of my latest finds...
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haohmaru-hanzo-figure2.png (2370193 bytes)
Haohmaru & Hattori
Hanzo SS64 Figures.

haohmaru-hanzo-figure.png (2524501 bytes)
Haohmaru's Face... is too good.
jin-kazama-tekken6figure.png (1464192 bytes)
TEKKEN 6 Jin Kazama Figure. Ultra Rare! 

deviljin-tekken6figure.png (1572119 bytes)
TEKKEN 6 Devil Jin Figure. Ultra Ultra Rare!!!

solbadguy-banpresto.png (940236 bytes)
Banpresto Sol Badguy Figure.

baiken-white-figure.png (728370 bytes)
GGXX Baiken Figure.
baiken-black-figure.png (771740 bytes)
GGXX Baiken Figure (black ver.)
ky-kiske-lot.png (975840 bytes)
GGXX Ky Kiske Figure s(both versions).

ryu-ken-sf4-p1-figures.png (1049265 bytes)

bison-seth-sf4.png (963953 bytes)
Rare SF4 Figures.

sol-badguy-busts.png (1496714 bytes)

dizzy-ggx-bust.png (2154352 bytes)
GGXX Busts.
johnny-ggx-figure.png (634744 bytes)
GGXX Johnny Figure.
  demitri-dee-darkstalkers-busts2.png (991942 bytes)
  demitri-dee-darkstalkers-busts3.png (1058413 bytes)
Darkstalkers Dee & Demitri Busts.

kanji-persona4-chibi.png (1167303 bytes)
Chibi Persona 4 Kanji Figure.

terry-cvs-chibi-figure.png (787986 bytes)
Capcom VS SNK Chibi Terry Figure.
  ken-cvs-chibi-figure.png (1025633 bytes)
Capcom VS SNK Chibi Ken Figure.
bbhood-morrigan-cvs-figures.png (1047970 bytes)
GCapcom VS SNK Chibi B. B. Hood & Morrigan Figures.

chunli-namco-x-capcom.png (1670917 bytes)
Chun-Li Namco X Capcom Figure with Ryu.

sakura-red-headband-figure.png (864158 bytes)
Rare Sakura Figure.
sakura-hadoken-figure.png (800265 bytes)
HADOKEN. Another Rare Sakura Figure.
akirakazama-rivalschools-parry.png (1042630 bytes)
Akira Rival Schools "Parry" Figure.

cyclops-gashapon.png (1260596 bytes)
Cyclops Figure by Bandai.

wolverine-gashapon.png (1144213 bytes)
Wolverine Figure by Bandai.
  rayden-movie-figure.png (2810142 bytes)
CMortal Kombat "Special Movie" Rayden by Hasbro. 1994.
rayden-movie-figure2.png (3887234 bytes)
That MK1 Art!

heihachi-trophy-bank-2016.png (3191315 bytes)
TEKKEN 3 Heihachi Trophy Coin Bank. Made of 24K Gold.
(Just Kidding on that last part.)

heihachi-trophy-bank-2016-2.png (3721107 bytes)
One of the rarest TEKKEN collectibles out there!!! Took me years to find it.
heihachi-trophy-bank-tekken2016.png (5337033 bytes)
Big and Small TEKKEN Heihachi Trophies? Yes.
fyagami-tekken-trophy-2016-6.png (1788746 bytes)
(TFG Webmaster)

tfg-showroom-display-case-2016.png (4452295 bytes)
Current TFG Display Case #1 - 2016.
A mix of old and new.

tfg-showroom-display-case-2016-2.png (2358818 bytes)
Top Shelf. Small TEKKEN, Virtua Fighter & KOF XIII figures I've posted before... All Together now.
tekken-shelf-2016.png (2908482 bytes)
TEKKEN Shelf. TEKKEN 3 Epoch prototypes, coin banks, Asuka statue & Square Enix Play Arts. More pics of these items below.
tfg-showroom-display-case-2016-4.png (2411558 bytes)
Shelf.  Giant Nakoruru statue. ULTRA RARE "Big Head" mini KOF & Samurai Shodown Figures.

tfg-showroom-display-case2.png (4345820 bytes)
Current TFG Display Case #2 - 2016.
Shelf 1. Random Final Fantasy Play Arts.

tfg-displaycase2-gashapons.png (2486528 bytes)
Shelf 2. Some of my all time favorite fighting game gashapon figures from random franchises.

tfg-displaycase2-gashapons2.png (2291728 bytes)
Shelf 3. Fighting
game gashapons with fancy stands.

tfg-displaycase2-gashapons2-2.png (1689117 bytes)
Another Angle.
tekken-banks2016-2.png (2281626 bytes)
Rare TEKKEN 2 Kazuya, Heihachi & Nina coin banks made in 1998.

tekken-banks2016.png (2588159 bytes)
Cool back of the box variations.

asuka-tekken5-statue-packaging.png (3565545 bytes)
Ultra Rare Asuka Kazama TEKKEN 5 10" inch Statue.

asuka-kazama-tekken5-statue3.png (1150423 bytes)
The gang mediator.
asuka-kazama-tekken5-statue2.png (1243470 bytes)
Statue usually runs $70-$80.
asuka-kazama-tekken5-statue.png (1677506 bytes)
Pretty nice quality. Wish they made more of these.

hattori-hanzo-samurai-shodown-figure.png (1819557 bytes)
Samurai Shodown 64 Hattori Hanzo Figure

hattori-hanzo-samurai-shodown-figure3.png (1828702 bytes)
More like a statue, really. Heavy.
hattori-hanzo-samurai-shodown-figure2.png (1112837 bytes)
One of the best ninja designs ever. EVER. EVER ever.

TBased on this design of Hanzo.

bbhood-darkstalkers-statues.png (1968230 bytes)
Dual B.B. Hood Statues (made in 2001). Which do you like better? Cute or Evil? >;)

leifei-vf4-figure.png (1733546 bytes)
Lei Fei Virtua Fighter 4 Statue.
lei-fei-virtuafighter4-statue.png (1456078 bytes)
2P costume! Not even sure if a 1P statue was made.
virtuafighter-rare-statues-2015.png (2677836 bytes)
My entire Virtua Fighter statue collection... so far.

virtuafighter-ps4-pai-chan-statue3.png (1151929 bytes)
INSANELY RARE Pai Chan Statue (1993) Original VF1 pose!

virtuafighter-ps4-pai-chan-statue2.png (862459 bytes)
Pai Chan statue is about 7" tall.
fighting-vipers-statue-bahn.png (874227 bytes)
Recognize THIS badass? Another IMPOSSIBLY RARE statue. Not sure if I'll ever come across another.
fighting-vipers-statue-bahn2.png (1150439 bytes)
Fighting Vipers Bahn statue (1995). 

fighting-vipers-statue-bahn3.png (1627687 bytes)
Bahn in the package. Sorry, had to open him. :)

fighting-vipers-statue-bahn4.png (2179405 bytes)
 Front says 1995, back says 1996? Ok Sega... lol.
pai-bahn-sega-statues2.png (978638 bytes)
They certainly look badass together.
pai-bahn-sega-statues.png (1025412 bytes)
 Their stands even match perfectly. I wonder how many other statues of this style exist.

lau-chan-virtuafighter-statue.png (1722428 bytes)
Lau Chan statue is about 5.5" tall. Made in 1994.

lau-pai-virtuafighter-statues2015.png (1106718 bytes)
Like father like daughter. Martial arts for life.
lau-vf-bahn-statues2015.png (2199915 bytes)
Betcha didn't know where Bahn learned some of his moves... ;)
virtuafighter-fightingvipers-statues2015.png (3310028 bytes)
A PS4 is kinda like an old School Virtua Fighter ring.

tekken3-epoch-prototypes.png (1623931 bytes)
INSANELY RARE Tekken 3 (Epoch) prototype figures!

tekken3-epoch-prototypes2.png (2196421 bytes)
Bronze Paul is BA-ASS. Jin, Nina and Ling are translucent too.
tekken3-epoch-prototypes3.png (1580229 bytes)
Them translucent graphics! Eat your heart out Dural. 
tekken3-epoch-prototypes4.png (2434947 bytes)
The guy I got these from said they're one of a kind... I don't believe him.

tekken6-pearl-figures.png (2160058 bytes)
Tekken 6 "Pearl" Gashapons (variants)

tekken6-pearl-figures2.png (1546493 bytes)
Lili & Alisa
tekken6-pearl-figures3.png (1823295 bytes)
Lars & Yoshimitsu
lars-tekken6-pearl.jpg (143895 bytes)
The box.

capcomfightingjam-ryu-figure.png (932062 bytes)
Capcom Fighting Jam poseable figures. Ryu First!

capcomfightingjam-ryu-figure2.png (919742 bytes)
guy-capcom-fighting-jam-figure.png (984606 bytes)
Guy never has to do much to look cool.
ingrid-capcom-fighting-jam-figure.png (982163 bytes)
According to the box, Ingrid is "secret"... lol

demitri-capcom-fighting-evolution-figure.png (1326889 bytes)
Demitri Maximov 1P & 2P versions.

leo-capcom-fighting-evolution-figure.png (1920097 bytes)
Leo... possibly the best looking figure from the set.
pyron-capcom-fighting-evolution-figures.png (1011551 bytes)
Pyron 1P & 2P.
morrigan-lilith-samurai-onimusha-style.png (1093729 bytes)
"Samurai Style" Morrigan & Lilith

darkstalkers-yujin-gashapons-full.png (2926736 bytes)
Vampire Savior Yujin Gashapons Part 2 - Full Set

darkstalkers-yujin-gashapons-part2.png (1366741 bytes)
B.B. Hood's face is just priceless.

darkstalkers-yujin-gashapons-part2-2.png (1965712 bytes)
Darkstalkers Not Dead...

jedah-vampire-savior-gashapon.png (2230073 bytes)
Mandatory Jedah close-up.

bbhood-figures-2014.png (1127701 bytes)
B.B.Hood figures & statue (from 2001)

bulleta-pouch2014.png (1397964 bytes)
B.B. Hood / Bulleta statue came with a pouch?! lolz.
morrigan-lilith-gashapons2014-1.png (1823039 bytes)
Namco X Capcom Morrigan & Lilith Gashapons.
morrigan-lilith-gashapons2014.png (1089177 bytes)
Btw, there are 4 Darkstalkers here.

morrigan-female-solbadguy2014.png (1283643 bytes)
Chillin' Morrigan & Female Sol Badguy

cvs2-yujin-gashapon.png (3501826 bytes)
Yujin Capcom VS SNK 2 Collection
(Complete Set)
cvs2-yujin-gashapon2.png (1272313 bytes)
God Rugal, Haohmaru & Nakoruru.
cvs2-yujin-gashapon3.png (1277528 bytes)
Morrigan, Maki & Sakura

morrigan-cvs2-gashapon.png (741641 bytes)
Close-up of the Morrigan CVS2 Gashapon

Closely based on Kinu Nishimura's CVS2 artwork!
morrigan-tron-capcom-gashepons.png (858678 bytes)
Ohh hey there
Tron Bonne!

rivalschools-girls-gashapons2014.png (1357045 bytes)
Rival Schools girls Gashapons

capcom-gals-yujin.jpg (86149 bytes)
Yujin Capcom Gals Collection
(Complete Set)

maki-gashapon.png (1539740 bytes)
Close-up of Capcom VS SNK 2
Maki Gashapon!
maki-gashapon2.png (895746 bytes)
Reverse view...
Of course.

Based on Kinu Nishimura's amazing CVS2 art!

Next up... some of my ALL TIME favorite pieces: Old school Tekken, Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Puzzle Fighter and Virtua Fighter capsule toys & key chains. (All officially licensed figures).

virtuafighter2-minifigures.png (1781426 bytes)
Ultra rare Virtua Fighter 2 capsule figures made in 1996.

vf2-figures1996.png (1215968 bytes)
Straight out of the Shenmue capsule machine. ^^
vf2-figures1996-2.png (1069473 bytes)
Jeffry's face is just full of WIN. ^o^
virtuafighter4-mini-figures.png (1342345 bytes)
And now the more "serious" VF4 figures... -_- lol

tekkenfigures2014.png (1755132 bytes)
Tekken 2 & Tekken 3 figures by Nihon.
Extremely rare!

tekkenfigures2014-2.png (1395277 bytes)
Jin Kazama GET!
tekkenfigures2014-3.png (1628771 bytes)
Old school Tekken.
kazuya-mini-figure.png (361392 bytes)
They're this big!

tekken-keychains-full-set-sealed.png (1622518 bytes)
This sealed Tekken keychain set is worth well over $100!

genjuro-ss2-ufo-catcher-figure.png (1769071 bytes)
Samurai Shodown 2 Genjuro UFO Catcher Figure!
genjuro-ss2-ufo-catcher-figure2.png (1710589 bytes)
Made in 1995 by Banpresto. Looks like his SS2 sprite!
genjuro-ss2-ufo-catcher-figure3.png (1199773 bytes)
Laughable overall quality, but still awesome. ^_^

snk-kof-figures.png (1428145 bytes)
Samurai Shodown III figures made in 1995, and KOF '97 mini figures!

kingoffighters-mini-figures.png (1538391 bytes)
Extremely rare these are.
samuraishodown-mini-figures.png (1219265 bytes)
I wouldn't sell that Genjuro or Ukyo for under $500.
ryu-kazuya-akira-haohmaru.png (1345672 bytes)
Just a fun size comparison. ^^

kof13-chibi.png (1268469 bytes)
KOF13 chibi figures made in 2011. Based on the official artwork!

kof13-chibi-4.png (1444180 bytes)
LMAO @ Raiden... 1st ever Big Bear figure!
kof13-chibi-3.png (1804475 bytes)
A perfect harmony of cuteness and badassery.
kof13-chibi-2.png (2151110 bytes)
I'm missing Kyo from this set. :(

streetfighterminifigures.png (1335303 bytes)
SSF2 and SFA mini figures!

streetfighterminifigures2.png (1105702 bytes)
These appeared in one of the Capcom Collection games.
streetfighterminifigures3.png (482609 bytes)
Fei Long's pose is spot on.
cammyminifigure.png (784860 bytes)
Cammy stands on her hair. WIN.

sf-keychans-bandai.png (1653181 bytes)
SFA2 keychains by Bandai (1996)!

streetfighter-keychains-bandai.png (1809186 bytes)
Weird colors huh?
streetfighter-keychains-bandai3.png (1294988 bytes)
Ultra close-up!
capcomminifigures.png (1189586 bytes)
"Capcom All Stars" figures made by Bandai (2004).

puzzlefighterfigures.png (1017284 bytes)
Very rare 3" Super Puzzle Fighter 2 figures!

gemfighterfigures.png (1573383 bytes)
Much love for the shotos.
puzzlefighter-figures.png (925065 bytes)
Sadly, I'm missing Chun-Li & Felicia from this set. :(
capcomallstars.png (1111673 bytes)
Closer look at CAS. Just threw in the Megamans for fun.

capcomfighting-evolution-busts.png (1414443 bytes)
Capcom Fighting Evolution magnets / character busts.

cfe-busts-artwork.jpg (332159 bytes)
Based on the official artwork.
capcomfightingevo-figures.png (1332187 bytes)
Not the best game, but Shinkiro's artwork lives on.
capcom-fighting-evolution-figures2014.png (1546063 bytes)
 2-Player colors!

Behold, the entire set of Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates! To be honest, I like these figures much more than the actual game. lol. Do take note of my awesome photography skills. ^_^

sfxt-minimates3.png (2671992 bytes)
SFXT Minimates!

sfxt-minimates5.png (3748829 bytes)
The faces are so spot on.
sfxt-minimates4.png (3099438 bytes)
Epic stuff!
sfxt-minimates2.png (3393624 bytes)
Check out those poses.
tekken-minimates.png (3021369 bytes)

Here are some of the best, most detailed poseable fighting game figures ever made... from Square Enix's "Play-Arts Kai" series (TTT2 & SSF4: Arcade Edition!)

guile-square-enix-play-arts.png (1672098 bytes)

guile-square-enix-back.png (3238850 bytes)
Back of box.
guile-streetfighter-square-playarts.png (1754323 bytes)
guile-square-play-arts-kai-stance.png (2001736 bytes)
Fighting Stance.
guile-play-arts-kai.png (1993469 bytes)
Too Easy.

ibuki-cammy-square-enix-play-arts.png (1784295 bytes)
Ibuki & Cammy.

ibuki-cammy-square-enix-play-arts2.png (1753473 bytes)
Reverse side.

ibuki-square-enix-playarts.png (1352489 bytes)
Ibuki is awesome.
cammy-square-enix-playarts.png (938902 bytes)
Cammy too.
cammy-ibuki-square-playarts-kai.png (1040990 bytes)
Two of my all time favorite SF girls.
ibuki-cammy-square-enix-play-arts3.png (2012515 bytes)
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts.png (3353442 bytes)
Square Enix might be slacking with their JRPGs...
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts2.png (2323571 bytes)
But they sure know how to make badass figures.
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts3.png (2446711 bytes)
While Rising + 4.
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts4.png (1185705 bytes)
Kazuya's SFIII: 2nd Impact win pose.
ibuki-cammy-jun-kazuya-square-enix-playarts.png (2056088 bytes)
Kazuya found some new recruits.
jun-kazama-tekken-square-enix-figure.png (792475 bytes)
Jun's stance!
jun-kazama-ttt2-square-enix.png (2108368 bytes)
Jun poses nicely.
jun-kazuya-ttt2-square-enix.png (1941983 bytes)
EWGF training.

jun-kazuya-ttt2-square-enix2.png (1990340 bytes)
No, put your whole body into it, like this... DORIYA!
jun-kazuya-ttt2-square-enix3.png (1894908 bytes)
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts6.png (1933658 bytes)
Kazuya Box.
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts7.png (2244734 bytes)
jun-ttt2-box-back.jpg (178050 bytes)
Jun Kazama Box.
junkazama-ttt2-box.png (1796394 bytes)
Cool write-up on Jun.
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts8.png (2181756 bytes)
And Kazuya.
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts5.png (1675461 bytes)
Kazuya - "Hand over the gem of Cyttorak."
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts11.png (1441983 bytes)
Juggernaut - "Well, you're  a lot bigger in person!"
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts9.png (2391020 bytes)
Kaz - "The Zaibatsu will forever be in my control... once I take that gem."
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts10.png (1124071 bytes)
Juggy - "You're either crazy or stupid.... I'M TH.."
kazuya-mishima-ttt2-playarts12.png (1937909 bytes)
(to be continued?)

Terry Bogard & Megaman Bandai D-Arts figures! Seriously, this is the best Terry Bogard figure and the best "old school" Megaman figure ever made... so detailed and poseable.

terry-megaman-darts.png (2985348 bytes)
Bandai D-Arts figures don't mess around.

terry-megaman-darts2.png (1059531 bytes)
Sorry Megaman, you're staying in the box. Terry on the other hand...
terrybogard-d-arts.png (2034995 bytes)
That accurate enough for ya?!
terrybogard-d-arts3.png (2376967 bytes)
D-Arts Terry figure is so legit.
terrybogard-d-arts4.png (2187031 bytes)
Let's Get Serious!
terrybogard-d-arts2.png (1480774 bytes)
The Lone Wolf.
terrybogard-d-arts5.png (1645227 bytes)
No wirework or photoshopping was used here! :)
terrybogard-d-arts6.png (1867709 bytes)
Gravity can be pretty awesome sometimes.
terrybogard-d-arts7.png (1464931 bytes)
Powa Wave!
terrybogard-d-arts8.png (3024668 bytes)
BEST Terry figure ever.

Next, some random posters, random figures, and the famous TFG Fight Stick created by David King & Neung Lee!
showroom-corner.png (1195437 bytes)
The flipside of the room: Tekken 5 Jin standup, special edition boxes, etc.
showroom-corner2.png (786123 bytes)
And the other side of the couch... all Zen-like.
ttt2poster.jpg (242674 bytes)
On the wall: TTT2 poster, SFA anime poster & signed Tekken stuff from Harada-san.
room2014-5.png (688982 bytes)
My lovely lady usually plays PS4 (or PS3) while I work on TFG. 
finaljuggernaut.png (3339599 bytes)
Close-up of some of random figures.
show2010-19.png (1899765 bytes)
Karas & Doronjo figures from Hong Kong! (Thanks Jet!)
show2010-20.png (1827411 bytes)
Beast statue, Spiral Marvel Legends & a Neo Geo magnet (Thanks David!)
show2010-18.png (1983274 bytes)
Revoltech Street Fighter figures... awesomely poseable!
tfg-stick01.png (750677 bytes)
A close-up of the TFG fight stick.
tfg-stick02.png (651376 bytes)
A big thanks to David King & Neung Lee!
tfg-stick03.png (1560201 bytes)
The inside...
tfg-stick04.png (805311 bytes)
For more info on the TFG stick check out Sep-Oct '09 Feedback!

Behold, the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collectors Box...

sf25th-collectors.png (947706 bytes)
The box has a fabric-y feel to it.

sf25th-collectors2.png (2603733 bytes)
What's insine?
sf25th-collectors3.png (1804278 bytes)
Hidden art book behind certificate!
sf25th-collectors4.png (1835010 bytes)
Special Edition game discs, film collection, and tons of DLC games.
sf25th-collectors5.png (2023747 bytes)
11-CD soundtrack collection.

sf25th-collectors6.png (1338935 bytes)
Ryu's belt! As far as fake black belts go, it's not bad... but it's a third the thickness of my real black belt. :)

sf25th-collectors7.png (1000846 bytes)
Street Fighter 25th art book, packed with tons of fan artwork.
sf25th-collectors8.png (1312472 bytes)
Such as this. There are lots of LOL moments in this art book.
sf25th-collectors9.png (1351147 bytes)
And finally, the light-up Ryu statue.
sf25th-collectors10.png (1303915 bytes)
Looks purdy cool in the dark.

Some other collectibles... Devil Jin (Tekken 3) figure by Epoch, standing on the 10th Anniversary Tekken 5 stick, and the Toyfare Exclusive Evil Ryu Resaurus figure on the 15th Anniversary stick, respectively!

deviljin-tekken5stick.png (2007784 bytes)
Big Tekken fan. ;)

deviljin-figure-epoch.png (1233489 bytes)
Not very poseable, but a very well made figure.
steetfighter15th-fightstick.png (1978341 bytes)
That one stays in the box. :)
sf15th-anniversarystick-evilryu.png (2503290 bytes)
Still in 100% working order.

Alright, let's move onto my humble "opened" SOTA Street Fighter figure collection. Mixed in with the figures are some rare Hong Kong resin statues and CVS2 High Dream figures.

ts.jpg (472043 bytes)
Hit your best poses!

Aerial view.

Hey, a Mitsurugi doll!

Bison cloned himself! lol.

Fei Long gives life long lessons.

Like that Vega pose? Not Bison, VEGA!

Terry's really really tall.

Some interesting facial expressions.

Nice hair Guile.
sota3-3.png (1064975 bytes)
E. Honda, Gief, & Dhalsim.

kyoken-cvs2.png (1503385 bytes)
CVS2 High Dream Kyo & Ken

kyoken-cvs2-2.png (1232692 bytes)
CVS2 art. <3
kyoken-cvs2-3.png (1111432 bytes)
Select yo groove.
kyoken-cvs2-4.png (1317639 bytes)


Now check out my comprehensive backlog of fighting game gashapons and other "height challenged" figures. These pics were taken in 2008-2009. I'd love to retake photos of my entire gashapon collection, because it has grown quite a bit since then.

gashe.jpg (182505 bytes)
Pretty epic. Yea?

Girls with guitars.

Kyo & Iori posing off... as usual.

Jin Saotome FTW.

Felicia was made in China.

Ling & Morrigan are in the same pose. Hehe.

Epic team up.

Namco X Capcom!

showshelf16.jpg (133642 bytes)
Servbot's got the best seat in the house. ^o^

Chamu Chamu!
gash09.jpg (124819 bytes)
Some random Gashapons that I picked up after the above pics were taken.

Leo & Yoshimitsu

pins.jpg (60049 bytes)
Character pins. Perfect addition to any suit jacket. ;)

sc3gash.jpg (104699 bytes)
Soul Calibur 3 gashapons.

sc3gash2.jpg (93460 bytes)
Nice detail...
sc3gash3.jpg (136220 bytes)
Voldo & Kilik.
sc3gash4.jpg (137316 bytes)
Old Mitsurugi.

sc3gash5.jpg (135863 bytes)

bosses-gash.jpg (97508 bytes)
bosses-gash2.jpg (83160 bytes)
They'd make a good Namco X Capcom team.

The first ever set of SF & Darkstalkers Minimates.

claire-gashapon.png (921835 bytes)
Claire from Plasma Sword.

claire-gashapon2.png (826122 bytes)
One of my fave designs from Star Gladiator series.
yuri-gashapon.png (1001798 bytes)
A Wild Yuri Sakazaki Appears.
yuri-gashapon2.png (747838 bytes)
Shou Kou Ken!

You are now entering the NSFW part of the TFG Showroom... First, let me introduce you to Dominatrix Morrigan and Honey/Candy from Fighting Vipers
morrigan-alt-gashapon-chain2.png (1135352 bytes)
SUPER RARE alt. chain version.
morrigan-alt-gashapon-chain.png (867404 bytes)
No flash looks pretty cool.
morrigan-dominatrix-ryu-form-site.jpg (86876 bytes)
Artwork based on the figure, based on the artwork! :)

morrigan-alt-no-eyepatch.png (612377 bytes)
No eye patch version. Cuter version, I think.

morrigan-alt-no-eyepatch2.png (546038 bytes)
Reverse view.
Just because. >;)
morrigan-dom.jpg (87855 bytes)
Best Morrigan alt. costume ever.
morrigan-dom2.jpg (83720 bytes)
Reverse view.
Just because. >;)
morrigandom.jpg (49348 bytes)
Originally based on this artwork.

candy-fightingvipers-gashapon.png (1025633 bytes)
Proud Fighting Vipers fan! Sadly, they didn't make many toys.

candy-fightingvipers-gashapon2.png (914744 bytes)
Whoops. >_>

Alright then, let's continue with some more sexy ladies... shall we? Here's one ultra curvy Mai Shiranui statue I picked up in Hong Kong.

mai-stat.jpg (207640 bytes)
I went with the alt. purple version.

mai-stat2.jpg (191231 bytes)
Me Bouncy!
mai-stat3.jpg (235608 bytes)
Token ass shot. =]
mai-cvs2-fix.jpg (44490 bytes)
Based on Kinu Nishimura's CVS2 artwork! 

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jaycee Bishoujo statue! ...Keepin' this one in the box for now.
jaycee-tekkentag2-kotobukiya.png (3736718 bytes)
My favorite iteration of Julia.
jaycee-tekkentag2-kotobukiya2.png (2208603 bytes)
Shunya Yamashita.
jaycee-tekkentag2-kotobukiya3.png (3316660 bytes)
Keeping this one in the box... for now.

jaycee-ttt2-yamashita.jpg (63818 bytes)
But it's damn tempting to open...

jaycee-ttt2-yamashita.jpg (77691 bytes)
So identical to the TTT2 artwork!

Marvel Psylocke Bishoujo statue! ...Had to open it.
psylocke-bishoujo.jpg (177151 bytes)
Don't worry Psylocke.. you'll be free soon!
psylocke-bishoujo2.jpg (189455 bytes)
Designed by Shunya Yamashita.
psylocke-bishoujo3.jpg (139965 bytes)

psylocke-bishoujo4.jpg (115119 bytes)
Those hips are top-tier.

psylocke-bishoujo5.jpg (135753 bytes)

1/6th scale Poison statue from the Capcom Girls Collection.

poison5.jpg (148018 bytes)
See! Poison is a girl... It says it right there.

Hot box art.

Ages 15 and up! LOL.

There's actually a hole cut in the box so you can see her ass. Yes. 

poison8.jpg (102965 bytes)
Amazingly detailed.

Now those are shorts.
poison2011.jpg (120323 bytes)
Detachable cuffs.
poison2011-2.jpg (105282 bytes)
This now goes for $400 - $500... I bought it for $80.


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