Monday, February 11th, 2019

The History of Street Fighter: The Movie (The Game), The Video!


YouTuber "Matt McMuscles" has a new video out that covers the entire history of Street Fighter: The Movie (The Game). From how the live-action movie itself came to be, to the infamously bad gameplay and copy-paste digitized graphics of the game, this video is packed with newly revealed fun facts and fighting game history. The 23-minute "What Happened?" episode also uncovers the history behind the game's developer, Incredible Technologies, the team who made Time Killers and BloodStorm.

Kudos to Mr. McMuscles for creating such a well-made and informative video about such a terribly-made game. I even learned some new things about Street Fighter: The Movie The Game that I had no idea about. Definitely a must-watch from start to finish!

Source:  Matt McMuscles
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