Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 

Kaiser Knuckle Added to TFG Library


"You just made the list!" Another classic 2D fighting game from the 90's has arrived in the TFG Library! A Japan-only 2D fighter released in July '94 by Taito, Kaiser Knuckle (also known as Global Champion) is an obscure but legendary arcade classic most recently and famously referenced in the Hi Score Girl manga / anime. The full history and write-up of the game is now available on the website. Also take a look at high-quality character artwork, historic arcade flyers, and even visual movelists on the profile! TFG character profiles / bios for the full Kaiser Knuckle roster are also live! 


   Earlier this year, Street Smart (1989) and Martial Champion (1993) were also added to TFG's Games Library complete with some awesome art galleries and content to browse through. Enjoy browsing! More classic titles are coming soon to The Fighters Generation. . . stay tuned.
  ~Frank Joseph | TFG Webmaster | @Fighters_Gen

  Visit the TFG Games Library and Timeline for more fighting game history!


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