Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

SNK Announces New Console Coming in 2021


With new information on The King of Fighters XV and Samurai Shodown (2019) Season 3 coming in early 2021, SNK has the opportunity to start off the new year with a bang... and apparently that's not all SNK has up their sleeves. On Twitter, SNK Global just announced a "new console" from SNK is coming in 2021. While no solid details are available yet, SNK describes the upcoming console as "a system to bridge the needs between passionate fans and console gaming enthusiasts". Below is the official tweet from SNK Global announcing the new console.

As you might've noticed, the teaser image above contains a Wi-Fi symbol, strongly suggesting one of the features of the console will be online play. Back in April 2019, SNK revealed plans to make NeoGeo 2 (and even a NeoGeo 3) at an investors meeting in Seoul, Korea. These plans were greenlit after "overwhelmingly positive sales" of the NeoGeo Mini.

If SNK's new 2021 console is in fact the NeoGeo 2, SNK has confirmed the NeoGeo 2 will be a "semi-open platform". Meaning... NeoGeo 2 will have built-in games but also will support the purchase of additional games. Whether or not the system will have game streaming options, or will be compatible with upcoming new SNK games like KOF XV and the new Metal Slug in development, is unknown.

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The King of Fighters XV Details, Concept Art, New Logo

SNK has dropped the first details, concept illustrations, and a brand new logo for KOF XV. We now know the first KOF XV gameplay trailer will be released on January 7th, 2021. Lead artist and creative director Eisuke Ogura also shared KOF XV concept artwork for the first 3 characters to be confirmed for the game: Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido, and Shun'ei.
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