Separated at Birth
This section is all about fighting game characters who resemble real-life celebrities, martial artists, fictional characters from other series, and even each other! It's not only funny... it's Fighting Game History!

   If You Crossed...
Over at TFG's science lab, we've discovered some characters with matching DNA!

    Misheard Special Moves
Ever wondered what the hell those Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat guys were really saying during their special moves?

    The Birdie Show
A true TFG classic, The Birdie Show debuted in 2002 with 2 episodes. Unfortunately, it was never picked up by a major network and failed. However... miraculously, 13 years later, thanks to the rebirth of Street Fighter in 2009 and Capcom bringing back Birdie in SFV... The Birdie Show returns for a legacy "Episode III" in 2015.


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