A selection of unique video projects & compilations from TFG's YouTube. All videos were created by yours truly, TFG's Webmaster, Frank Yagami. Besides running for nearly 2 decades, believe it or not... I actually play fighting games. :) I've been creating gameplay videos since I was a kid in the 90's (originally using a VCR to capture SNES footage). As you can probably tell, creating "video art" is something I still enjoy. Underneath each video is a basic description of each project, followed by some bonus "website exclusive" behind-the-scenes details. If you like what you see here and you'd like to support future TFG video projects, donations are welcome via Twitch/Streamlabs.


SFV Beta #1 - Ryu Parry Compilation



"A compilation of Ryu parries from my experience in the Street Fighter V beta."

I'm a parry addict. It's one of the main reasons I've always loved the SF3 series... especially 2nd Impact & 3rd Strike. (And also one of the main reasons I dislike SF4). Rejoice, parrying is back in SF5... at least for one character. I wanted to a release Part 2 of this video, but I kinda stopped playing SFV after TEKKEN 7 was released.


Street Fighter V - Akuma Teleport Combos



"A mini Akuma combo video. The only 'rules'... use a teleport within the combo! Fun stuff. Of course, there are much better and more practical options to extend Akuma's combo potential in SFV than using teleport (since it's pretty slow, and there's only one version of it). Nonetheless, enjoy these fun teleport combos to mix things up and STYLE ON your opponents! Also, wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

SFV Akuma exceeded my expectations... the ol' Karate demon is still pretty fun to use. His Critical Art animation / camera angle should be better though. Anyway, I was feelin' the holiday spirit in this one. Merry Christmas! 


KOF XIV: K' Komprehensive Kombo Kompilation



"Sit back, relax, and enjoy my first KOF XIV combo video! K' is a combo beast. I've always enjoyed using him since way back in KOF '99 and his KOF XIV iteration is sick. As usual, I aimed to make this video enjoyable watchable from beginning to end. ;) Enjoy the classic soundtracks and stay tuned for some 'unexpected' special combos at the end." Feature!  Link

 See... this is why K' gets such a good rating on TFG. I've been playing KOF XIV for a little over a week and I've spent most of the time learning K'. Pretty overwhelming considering the combo potential of just 1 character in a game of 50 characters. I definitely enjoy KOF XIV's combo system more than I thought I would... now I just gotta (fully) learn two more characters and I'll have my team ready! lol. 


SFV - Necalli "Beast of Divinity" CMV + Storyline Theory 



"TFG presents a "Double Impact" Street Fighter V video. Part 1 is a comprehensive Necalli combo video featuring basic to advanced combos (beta 4 gameplay). This combo exhibition will surely assist any player interested in learning how to use Necalli. Part 2 is a storyline theory comparing Necalli with another well-known Street Fighter character that he may be connected to. As always, I hope you enjoy the video in more ways than just one. Sit back, relax, and feel free to comment about the Necalli storyline theories I brought up (or we can talk combos)." Feature!  Link

 I wasn't sure what I thought about Necalli when I first saw him... but he definitely grew on me as a design. After randomly deciding to learn Necalli in the 4th beta, I planned on just releasing a few match videos (which I also did), but I went ahead and got enough footage for a whole combo video (because hey, I was practicing his combos anyway). Then I bought a $269 Necalli statue from Pop Culture Shock (because it looks absolutely badass), and got a few more to sell later. So yeah, I guess you can say I'm now officially a Necalli fan. :)


TEKKEN 7 Gameplay Compilations / Ranked Sets



In these videos, I'm simply having fun with one of my favorite pastimes... playing TEKKEN. I usually multitask and do TFG website work while waiting for online matches. A well made, dynamic, balanced, and responsive fighting game like TEKKEN 7 (with great online) is the reason I still play fighting games competitively... and play them often. Practice pays off. Below, some long TEKKEN sets with a variety of players. I also like setting my videos with hand-picked background music from other games / series.




Throughout my life, the time I've put into TEKKEN has always rewarded me... especially after playing this game series for 20+ years.. Playing TEKKEN provides me a certain mental stimulation that I simply don't feel when playing any other types of games.




I also play a lot of Soul Calibur... same deal.






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