After 15+ years of (quietly) working behind the scenes here at, TFG's Webmaster finally breaks his silence in the first ever Fighters Gen Vlog series. A lot of gamers today seem to do much of the "talking" thing. I prefer playing fighting games over talking... However, I've decided to step out of my comfort zone and connect with longtime TFG fans & viewers in a more personal way in the form of these videos. Please subscribe on Youtube and comment! P.S. I actually reply to comments. Also see TFG's YouTube Video Projects!



Bandai Namco sent me the TEKKEN 7 Season 4 care package containing loot and new details on Season 4 DLC character Lidia Sobieska. Enjoy my full unboxing! I also have some extra copies and will be doing a GIVEAWAY on Twitter!



First Vlog of 2021... Lots of updates and news to cover! This is your chance to suggest new TFG content for this year. BIG NEWS: Fighters Gen Patreon is LIVE:​ It's been 20+ years of my life working on The Fighters Generation website. A place for the FGC, new and old.




This was a vlog from 2016 I put together after attending my local major CEO 2016 where I placed 13th out of 256 players in TEKKEN 7. Not bad... I actually won 1st in TEKKEN 6 at the very first CEO 2010 in Orlando. Anyhow, this video / blog contains a fun mix of things that I enjoy. I should do more of these.


Vlog #7: Happy New Year 2019! A Year in Perspective.



"My first vlog of the year, and last vlog of the year. Just in time. lol. Goodbye 2018... you were the best. ߎ? Happy New Year 2019 to all my fighting game friends. The best times of fighting games (and hopefully life) are ahead of us. Join me for this 20-minute vlog where I talk about my year, life, future content, and a few fighting game memories. More vlogs & many new videos coming to this channel in 2019. Let me know what you'd like to see in future 2019 TFG vlogs. Thanks very much for watching and subscribing!"


Vlog #6: TEKKEN 7 Collector's Edition Unboxing



"TFG Vlog #6 is finally here! In this one, you get to meet my fiance Ashlynn and unbox the TEKKEN 7 Collector's Edition along with us. Also enjoy a videography of my Tekken collection featuring rare figures, statues, framed artwork, keychains, and more from the TFG Showroom. As always, I also say thanks to you awesome TFG Twitch donators! Ohh, and ferrets! Soy and Chai make their official TFG debut."


Vlog #5: TEKKEN Edition! Top Fighting Games Countdown (Part IV)



"Join me on a nostalgia trip through TEKKEN history. FG Vlog #5 continues the countdown of my TOP 10 Fighting Games of All Time. . . Which TEKKEN game(s) will make the cut? Grab a cold drink and enjoy this special 30-minute episode featuring tons of throwbacks, random TEKKEN facts, and 60fps gameplay captured by yours truly. This one goes out to the TEKKEN community, hope you all enjoy the video. Stay tuned on the channel for tons of incoming TEKKEN 7 content in the coming weeks, months, and years..." Feature!  Link


Vlog #4: TOP 10 Fighting Games Countdown (Part III) 



"TFG Webmaster here... Hope you approve of my #8 pick for my TOP 10 fighting games of all time. 3 down... only 7 more to go! Watch until the end for some more thank you's to TFG Twitch donators!" Feature!  Link


Vlog #3: TOP 10 Fighting Games Countdown (Part II) 



"TFG Webmaster here... Here's my #9 pick for my TOP 10 fighting games of all time. 2 down... 8 to go! Watch until the end for some more thank you's to TFG Twitch donators!" Feature!  Link


Vlog #2: Counting Down F.Yagami's TOP 10 Fighting Games! 



"TFG Webmaster / F.Yagami here... Let's count down my TOP 10 fighting games of ALL TIME in my longest talking vlog to date! Stay until the end for some cool thank you's to TFG Twitch donators and Youtube subscribers! It's now over 12,000... Wooooo!" Feature!  Link


Vlog #1: TFG History with the Webmaster! 



"After 15 years, you finally get to hear my voice. I look forward to reminiscing with those of who who've been visiting since the 2000's. Thanks to all for supporting the website and TFG's Youtube Channel!


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