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Swift Master
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A chosen Mage that wields the power of the winds in battle. In Pandemonium stands Stormy Heights, a place where arctic winds blow all year long. The Swift Masters believe that the direction in which wind blows holds special powers, thus deciding the fate of a newborn depending on whatever winds it was born in. However, it is said that those who are born when no winds blow are destined to become Wind Gods. The sight of them bending wind to their will to strike fast as lightning and as punishing as a storm is said to install awe in witnesses.

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Page Updated:  July 6th, 2022

If Swift Master looks like that annoying type of character who throws tornados everywhere and uses cheap "wind gimmicks"... that's because that's exactly what he (she?) is. I can't tell what this character's sex is just yet. lol. Swift Master can control his opponent's position on the stage, moving them closer or farther away from him using his wind abilities (similar to Iron Tager or Rachel from BlazBlue). I kind of hate characters like this. They're just annoying to me, but that's just me.

No doubt Swift Master has some crazy combo possibilities and gimmicks for those folks interested in this type of character. If you happen to think Street Fighter V's Rashid is an annoying character in any  way... forget about it. You're not prepared for this level of "wind troll". Not all fighting game characters will appeal to everyone's tastes, but hopefully this character isn't annoying enough to ruin the game for some.

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