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Sahad Asran Ryuto


Sahad Asran Ryuto first appeared in Power Instinct 2. In the Japanese version of Power Instinct Legends he was called "Sahado". Ryuto is a young man who left childhood behind at a early age. He always seems calm and doesn't anger easily or show much emotion. He believes that certain events and fortunes are determined by the stars. As a member of a very important family, Sahad Asran Ryuto has been instructed in many artistic and athletic disciplines. His mother hails from a lineage of magicians who trained him at an early age.

Ryuto remembered childhood stories about his family being conformed by the strongest fighters in the world and that a tournament was held to determine their leader. He was always curious about his heritage, oriental culture and martial arts, so he figured that perhaps the tournament would be a good opportunity to discover that side of his family. With help from his guardian Apia Chia Chia, Ryuto is confident on winning the Goketsuji tournament and maybe earning the respect of his three sisters.


Power Instinct 2

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Power Instinct Legends

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