A super model and world champion judoka, Manon is an idealist, forever seeking self-improvement in the pursuit of beauty. She struts the catwalk of street fighting to become the world's strongest model. She likes the color gold, cosmetics, and her family.


Street Fighter 6







Page Updated:  Dec. 10th, 2023

This trendy chick defines the word "POSH". Leave it to Street Fighter to combine two completely unrelated things (in this case, Judo and fashion), to create a fresh, compelling, and visually interesting newcomer. Manon's long and lanky proportions are aesthetically appealing. Her graceful dance movements and innovative attack options really make her stand out. She's a mix of two classic 2D character archetypes in a way, having long limbs for hitting opponents far away as well as effective and stylish grapples.

Manon's throw techniques are equally entertaining as they are mesmerizing. Street Fighter 6 animation quality is off-the-charts! I also love Manon's Critical Art where she makes her opponent "dance" ridiculously before slamming them down (comparable to Nagare's super move from Project Justice... still a classic). Manon takes inspiration from many classic characters, but she deserves all the attention she gets! Wonderful character design!

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