Short for Max Ax Dax, M.A.D is a brilliant, lonely, and mysterious man. The only thing important to him is science. All of his actions lead to making conducting various experiments and research to further this pursuit. He used to work for the Gartheimer family.

Due to a malfunction in her time machine, the time-space officer Solis had accidentally crash landed near the doctor's laboratory. M.A.D. saw the machine and ,intrigued, he approached. To his surprise,a girl dressed in some kind of police costume came out from the machine. M.A.D told the girl that her machine had a very interesting appearance and that he would like to examine it more closely.

Solis reasoned that M.A.D. had extensive knowledge pertaining to advanced engineering and asked him if he could help her repair the machine. Excited to have the opportunity to work with unknown science and technology, M.A.D offered lodging to Solis while he worked towards fixing the time machine. Not long after, Solis managed to get in touch with the Goketsuji Twins.

Eventually, the invitation for the Goketsuji tournament arrived at M.A.D.'s laboratory, and one of its rules stated that only teams consisting of two fighters were allowed to participate. Solis asked M.A.D. if he would be interested in participating alongside her. M.A.D. thought that the tournament was a perfect opportunity to get a hold of numerous experimental subjects, so he accepted the offer.


Groove On Fight



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