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Kintaro Kokuin


Kintaro Kokuin first appeared in Power Instinct 2. His design is based on the Kintaro character in Japanese folklore. Kintaro is a brat clad in only a bib. But donít be fooled by his height and his funny look, because Kinta is an animal lover and if he needs help, his fish and bear can give him a hand. He also possesses the power to transform himself into the super dog-like hero Poochy.

Great grandson of Kokuin Kanji's youngest brother, Haruki, Kintaro is a hyperactive and aggressive kid who always gets in trouble. Born in a male-dominated family, his brothers are also as problematic as he is. His father wasn't able to give him much attention, so to compensate for this, Kintaro's father gave him a little puppy when he was younger, and the dog quickly became Kintaro's best friend and playmate. However, as the time went by, Kintaro's behavior got worse. Kintaro's father, unable to discipline him, decided to register him in the Warugaki Kindergarten, an institution that specializes in problematic kids. Kintaro took his puppy with him to his new home.

Kintaro heard from Kokuin Kanji about the Goketsuji tournament, and since in Warugaki there are many other tough kids, he figured that by challenging older people and winning the tournament he will prove that he is the strongest and toughest child, and in that way earn the admiration and respect from all his classmates. Kintaro escapes from Warugaki and signs in for the tournament without telling his father.

: His name was edited to Kinta Kokuin in the US versions of Power Instinct 2 and Gogetsuji Legends. In Power Instinct 2, the edit is quite noticeable in his name graphic and when the announcer says his name (despite this, he was still called Kintaro in certain texts).

Kinta became a controversial and highly criticized character for several reasons. For one, his genitals are exposed when he is knocked into the air in the earliest games. In addition to these animations, Kintaro has a throw move (Noumiso Nage) in Power Instinct 2 and Power Instinct Legends, where he bites and sucks the opponent's head, but if the opponent is female, Kintaro does this on their breasts. This was censored in the later games where he also bites the female fighters on their heads.


Power Instinct 2

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Power Instinct: Bonnou Kaihou

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