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Kazuya is a Karate fighter from Japan and the main protagonist Kaiser Knuckle / Global Champion. Kazuya seeks to win the tournament so that he can not only gain the prize money, but also to impress some female fans as well. His voice actor is Kazuki Yao.

Kaiser Knuckle



Global Champion



Page Updated:  Mar. 22nd, 2022

Were you looking for Kazuya Mishima from Tekken? Wrong profile. This is the other Kazuya, the protagonist of Kaiser Knuckle. Shoto characters in fighting games are usually cool in my book, by default. Even blatant Ryu rip-offs can be interesting in some ways.

In Kazuya's case... the ripped jeans and sandals are humorously clashy. He's like the perfect (not-so-perfect) blend of a stereotypical American / Japanese fighting game character. The Ultimate Warrior hairdo is (appropriately) very 90's and somehow works for him. "HO KOGAN!" His moveset is pretty typical for a 90's shoto-wannabe from an obscure fighting game, and mostly bland. On a side note, his ending is a straight-up homage to Ryu's SF2 ending and is actually pretty funny. Taito clearly wasn't taking themselves too seriously when they designed this character and at least "admitted" he was a Ryu rip-off in his ending. ^o^

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