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A leader that is part of "The Company". The Company is an organization of mercenaries that appeared so suddenly on Arad's mercenary scene, it was as if they had fallen right out of the sky. An ace of The Company, the Hitman carries a submachine gun in one hand and a blade in the other to effectively dispose of threats from within and foes from without.


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Page Updated:  June 26th, 2022

Something about this character design just makes me laugh. Fighting with a Katana and a machine gun? Now I've seen it all. How about choosing one thing and sticking with it... Hitman dude. He's kind of a generic design in some ways, perhaps wearing too many layers of plain cloths.

I'm not sure I've made up my mind about this character yet. His moveset is a very odd, random, and weird mix of... what you'd expect. He's using a damn machine gun and a samurai sword at the same time. Some of his specials and long range moves are almost cool, at best. But hold up. He's got a FULL SCREEN, 1-button super move that easily connects to combos? I can see the writing on the wall. This is a character who will ANNOY many people in DNF Duel. I don't fancy much about this character design, but at least he's not completely boring.

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