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A Fighter of the Black Pearl Ring that traveled across the country while storming into and challenging dojos that had earned much renown to head-on duels. He believes that fighting against powerful opponents is the essence of martial arts, and does not accept anything other than the will to become stronger. However, he tends to avoid challenging dojos of good standing. Rather, he targets corrupt dojos that extort offerings under the pretense of providing protection, smashing them on his travels. Now, he continues his training in the deepest mountain valleys, hiding from the Suju Kingdom's ransom on his head.


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Page Updated:  May 27th, 2022

While he shares an obvious resemblance to Street Fighter's Ryu (and other shotos), Grappler has a pretty unique moveset and fighting style compared to other familiar 2D fighting game characters we know and love. His hairstyle and scars also remind me of Guts from Berserk. I dig the black uniform, for one. In traditional martial arts schools, it takes about 10+ years to earn your black uniform (and ditch the white one). If that's how he earned it, he gets respect from me (since I earned mine that way). Anyhow, Grappler seems like a welcoming DNF Duel character for traditional fighting game players. I wonder what his real name is?

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