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A Judo practitioner who hails from Russia, Gonzales is one of the three bosses from Kaizer Knuckle / Global Champion. He is the largest fighter to enter "The Kaiser Knuckle" tournament, wearing his coonskin cap and Judo uniform.  Gonzales participates in the tournament so that he can attempt to locate his missing fiancée Tanya, who was separated from him after a civil war in their hometown. His voice actor is Hisao Egawa.

Kaiser Knuckle



Global Champion


Page Updated:  June 10th, 2021

Gonzales has that expressionless face and eyes that always seem closed like Goro Daimon from The King of Fighters or Pippin from Berserk. It's pretty much an archetype. Speaking of Goro... a Judo match between Gonzales and Goro would be fun to watch, and would probably be a close match. As the beefiest fighter in Kaiser Knuckle, Gonzales has some legit onscreen presence and is a pretty entertaining fighter.

As the main grappler of the game, Gonzales is your everyday, slow, command throw monster. He attracts a certain kind of fighting game player. Overall, he's a bit dull in the personality department but a fairly interesting albeit obscure fighting game character.

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