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Dragon Knight
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Originating from Plane: Dragonia, she was one of the greatest warriors of Dragon Tyrant Bakal: he who the dragons worshipped as both their father and the King of Dragons. Although she revels in battle and is merciless to her foes, she treats her partner, Astra, with the utmost kindness. She is highly hostile toward the Dark Elves who brought about the ruin of the kingdom she had once devoted herself to.

Now, on the Day of the Waning Dragon which marks the end of a year, she lay dying on the battlefield after being stabbed by an enemy's blade. Suddenly, a halo of light encompasses her, which then drops her off in a completely different place.


DNF Duel





Page Updated:  May 25th, 2022

I feel like I've seen this character before in other 2D anime fighting games. For one, Zooey from Granblue Fantasy Versus also fights alongside a Pokemon dragon. A different fighting style entirely, yeah... but the same archetype. Another character perhaps inspired by GOT's Daenerys Stormborn and her awesome trio of dragons. In this case, I'm not too fond of her Pokemon dragon. I've seen better mini-dragon designs.

However, she's got some pretty decent, cool-looking attacks and
Pokemon dragon assist attacks. In other ways, she's kind of a boring character compared to other members of the DNF Duel roster.

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