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A Priest who has been blessed by God Himself that marches through any obstacle that blocks his path. He is known for his devout faith even among Priests of his own order, Lemidia Basilica. He believes that evil can be rehabilitated, and tries to reason first with evil entities he meets.

Bestowed with the powers of judgment and repentance after accepting God's Light, the light that shines from him is holy and resplendent. His stoic determination to fulfill his purpose as an agent of God by protecting the weak, delivering justice to evil, and filling the world with life and brightness can be seen in his every action.


DNF Duel




Page Updated:  June 1st, 2022

Can't hate on a dude for being THIS dedicated. lol. If I was still in my 20s, I'd probably sneak in some snarky joke about organized religion in this character overview. But you know what? I respect the dude for going aLL IN with his beliefs and faith. I mean... DAMN... the guy has super-human strength and can use actual Holy powers that shoot lightning bolts and shit. If religion worked like that in real life, maybe I'd go to church!

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