Warrior Queen of the Arenas, rising to meet the ultimate challenge. The lithe, beautiful and deadly Talazia has the presence and mannerisms of a falcon. She has the primal instincts of a great avian hunter, and she swoops onto her foes and rips them without mercy.

Talazia has a penchant for being a loner. She often climbs to the tops of the tallest tress and stares longingly into the sky. Somehow she knows a part of her existence has been stolen. Talazia trained among the best of her tribe, and to the surprise of many of the leaders, she has become the most talented and vicious fighter the tribe has ever seen. It must be the true spirit in her blood, unforgiving and unrelentless.

Talazia's unorthodox fighting style matches her free spirit. She wields a Claw Shield used for blocking and shredding and a Talon Blade flying disk which can extend to attack opponents or be used as a projectile.







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