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Thaal Sinestro of the planet Korugar in Sector 1417 is an intergalactic super-villain and antagonist of Green Lantern. Originally known as the greatest member of the Green Lantern Corps ever to wield a ring, he trained many students including Hal Jordan. The Guardians of the Universe exiled him to the Antimatter Universe after learning he had used his power to set up a brutal dictatorship. Having fought the Green Lanterns for many years with a yellow ring forged by the Weaponers of Qward, eventually he established his own Sinestro Corps to spread fear throughout the universe. He has also been a member of the Injustice League and the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Sinestro was created by John Broome and Gil Kane, first appearing in Green Lantern #7.
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Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Page Updated:  July 25th, 2013

Sinestro's fighting game debut in Injustice wasn't... bad. NetherRealm gave him a few cool moves & animations, although many are very "spammy" and annoying. (Hey NRS, not all fighting games are as spammy as they were in 1993, y'know. Some series have actually upgraded their complexity since then.) Actually, I'd say Sinestro is an annoying character in general... so maybe his spam moves suit his character. He's not particularly pleasant to look at, either. Aaaaand his character model in Injustice is particularly ugly. Again, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt they made him ugly in the game, on purpose. >_>

It makes sense for Sinestro to appear in Injustice, being the main antagonist of Green Lantern and all, but I could think of many other DC villains I would've rather seen in Injustice in place of him. Sinestro doesn't quite have the "coolness" that I admire in other comic book villains. He just seems like an asshole.

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