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Being a professional exorcist, Ruriy's often mistaken for a witch, but she's actually a Tao priestess, descending from the legendary Zhong Kui. At the age of 17, Ruriy took care of family business, starting a hard career. Unfortunately, simply doing her job wasn't a way of living, so Ruriy starting to ask for large sums of money to rich families to get them rid of evil spirits, thus finding a way to maintain her family. It is said with Yang's birth, an ancient seal was broken within the Fung Family, and because of that a legion of evil spirits escaped, menacing to hallow the whole clan. When Ruriy heard about the Xuan Dou Tournament, and the weird phenomena taking place within it, she decided to enter the competition to represent her family, gaining exposure to advertise her services, and hoping to win the tournament and get the big prize. What she didn't know, is that the evil spirits master is waiting for her at the tournament...


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang




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Page Updated:  Dec. 31st, 2013

Ruriy's appearance didn't strike me as very interesting at first glance, but the design has grown on me. I still think her default outfit has some quirks, but overall, she makes it work. In-game, her attacks and special moves are very fluid. Some of her special moves remind me of Capcom's Ingrid. Ruriy has a lot of flashy, magical attacks which have really cool in-game effects (especially when you look close). She also has some great kicks, stances, and basic attacks... all of which are very well animated. I don't think she's the most exciting female of XDZW, but certainly not a bad design.

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