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Ray (Lei Yue)
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Born into a family of martial arts, Ray has spent a long time avoiding to talk about his brother Huang. Twelve years ago, driven mad by a nightmare of evil spirits, Huang killed many of his brothers, Ray was the sole survivor, but he finished with deep scars marked on his chest. When the Xuan Dou Tournament was about to begin, and learning about Ray’s past, the army commanders decided to sign him to represent them. Although he agreed in participating in the tournament, this martial artist has the suspicion that he will find there a shadow of his past...

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang

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Page Updated:  Sept. 8th, 2013

The staple grappler of Xuan Dou Zhi Wang, Ray has a pretty straight forward fighting style. Falling in line with other XDZW characters, several of Ray's moves resemble other well known 2D fighting game characters'. For example, Ray seems to have learned a few of his priority attacks from Alex of Street Fighter III, and he definitely ripped off Abel's 360 throw big time! Ray's super move is nearly a replica of Abel's EX 360 throw... lol.

Other than that, he's got some unique chain punches and other attacks... but something seems "missing" from his moveset, if you ask me. Overall, he's probably one of the least exciting characters of XDZW. On the bright side, his large character sprite looks cool in-game and his animations are decent. He could use a better alternate costume or something, though.

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