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Prayuth was born in the slums of Thailand, where he became a fighter muay thai to survive. His talent and desire for survival was such that, at age 16, he was already a local master. However, one day he was attacked by a woman called "the purple pupil", who not only defeated him easily but also trampled on his pride. Angry by having disappointed his sister, Prayuth decides to enter the Xuan Dou Tournament, thinking "I can't live in the service of the others, I need to become strong for myself!".

Xuan Dou zhi Wang



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Page Updated:  Oct. 15th, 2013

A fighting game just isn't a fighting game without some kind of Muay Thai fighter, right? As you might expect, Prayuth shares a lot in common with Joe Higashi. There's also a little bit of Adon thrown into the design as well. Right off the bat, this fact alone gives Joe / Adon players a "go to" character in XDZW... or for that matter, anyone who appreciated the martial art of Muay Thai.

For a design like this, it's all about the integrity of the martial art represented... and for the most part, Prayuth delivers. His visual design is definitely a bit plain in some areas, but otherwise, he's a decent character in the game and has some great animations.

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