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Poison Ivy
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Once an innovative, radical botanical biochemist named Pamela Isley, Poison Ivy's academic ambitions died on the vine when she was subjected to less-than-reputable experiments. These tests twisted Isley's mind and gave her a dangerous set of superpowers. Ivy found herself able to control plants and began to use her wiles and pheromones to mesmerize and manipulate people. She entrances them into doing her bidding and then draws them in, where they soon discover Ivy's other power: her kiss and touch can be lethal.

Some terrorists fight for their corner of the world, but Poison Ivy fights for the world itself. She's a self-appointed defender of the environment. To her, plants have as much right to live as people... maybe more. Ivy sees humanity as a threatening blight the planet would be better without. Her utter conviction, combined with her noxious abilities, make her a beautiful but daunting adversary that should never by underestimated.
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Injustice 2

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