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This young emperor of flame burns with a quiet intensity as he pursues the utopia he dreams of a land without war, where the weak can find succor. He crosses the skies in search of allies who share his noble dream.


Granblue Fantasy Versus



Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising


Page Updated:  Feb. 27th, 2023

What a cool knight design... I was sold on this guy from the start. He's a Lannister AND a member of the brotherhood from Game of Thrones, maaan!? ^__^  This fire demon of a knight wields the power of the flame with intensity and style. Looks like fans of Kyo Kusanagi "and friends" have an insta-main... and possibly a character they'll enjoy using in Granblue Fantasy Versus very very much. I'm 100% adding this guy to my growing team of GBVS mains. Feel The Burn.
The dude's hair game is also a 10/10... I need to borrow that conditioner. Worth mentioning, Percival also has some pretty cool alternate costumes in the Granblue series (below). Yeah, I can already tell Val here will be getting a very high TFG rating. That animation looks sick (watch the trailer). ^_^

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Percival Animations