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Mui Mui
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Mui Mui is the main protagonist of SNK's Pachinko series, Dragon Gal. Mui Mui is the last successor of Chinese Dragon Clan Martial Arts. With her ancient dragon blood, she can transform into her adult self. Mui Mui joins the King of Fighters tournament as part of a quest to search for a secret treasure containing an extraordinary power. Before appearing as a playable character in the KOF series, Mui Mui made cameo appearances in two other SNK Pachinko titles: King of Fighters 2 and Samurai Spirits Gaiden: Cham Cham. In The King of Fighters XIV, Mui Mui travels on a never-ending quest to find gems with mysterious powers.
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The King of Fighters XIV

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Page Updated:  May 18th, 2019

I actually thought she was Xiangfei for a second... lol. Another SNK Pachinko gal makes it to KOF huh? Mui Mui's fighting spirit and kawaii-factor are nicely portrayed in the game. She packs a punch for a small chick... and attacks from some very interesting angles with her special moves. Plus, any fighting game character who has a friggin DRAGON in their super move gets insta cool points. Liu Kang's got nothin' on this girl.

Mui Mui has an "annoying" element about her in gameplay... but it's not over the top like some other squeaky anime girls. Mui Mui's overall fighting style is nicely balanced and well thought out. Her outfit is strangely plain, however... which is my only gripe about this design. Other than that, I'd be cool with her appearing in future KOF games (although I doubt it).

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